The Alliance for High Performance Digital Manufacturing is a cross-industry collaborative organization dedicated to changing the way America manufactures by bringing the power of high performance computing to the value chain. - High performance modeling and simulation represent a manufacturing game changer with as much revolutionary potential as the assembly line. Integrating this level of digital modeling and simulation into product design, testing, and manufacturing will realize immense benefits:
  • Enormous savings (Alcoa reported a 98% cost reduction in product testing)
  • Optimized processes (Procter & Gamble saved millions by optimizing its Pringles line)
  • Shorter time to market (PING Golf cut its design cycle time by 68%
These and other benefits, not to mention the ability to design new and innovative products simply impossible using current methods, demonstrate that high performance computing is the future of global manufacturing. APDHM is dedicated to ensuring North American manufacturing competitiveness by bringing this technology to American manufactures first.